Furnishing the living room 5 different style solutions

Do you have to furnish your living room and do not know where to start?

Sofa, coffee table, carpet, wall unit, shelves these are the main elements that we evaluate when we have to furnish the living room. In addition to the space, there are many factors to consider, including the structural characteristics of the apartment and the building, so as to decide whether to opt for furnishings for a style that is in tune or in contrast with them.

Furnishing the living room with a classic touch

To furnish the living room of a house with a traditional taste and structure, defusing a little the sobriety of the classic, you can focus on color. The total green (or almost) of this environment   from the floor to the walls, through the textile of the sofa and armchair and the painted wood of the window cabinet is lightened by the contrast with the rose of the fireplace and some objects, while the numerous plants almost create a jungle effect, taken from the stylized drawing on the pillow.

Modern taste to furnish the living room

Always for a classic home like the one in the picture above, with wooden coffered ceiling and decorative ceiling profiles the project can focus on modern furnishing solutions    to furnish the living room, then upholstered with a squared design , in fabric or leather, and furniture in wood and metal from the ’50s, light and elegant. To know more about case trust accredited Interior Designer In Singapore, seek help online.

Furnish the contemporary living room

Full height bookcases or walls, sofas with a strictly gray covering, wood with textured surfaces in charcoal oak or heat treated oak, bronzed metal finishes and rigorous lines and all are elements with a contemporary style to furnish the living room, regardless of size.

Furniture with a light profile, to furnish the industrial living room

The industrial style typical of the lofts with exposed brick walls and glass walls with maxi metal windows is enhanced by dark, black or gray furnishings, woods with textured surfaces or oxidized and brushed metal finishes. To furnish the living room of the photo above, a collection with a special design, with ground supports in transparent glass, lightens the visual impact of the furnishings that seem to float in the environment.

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