Finer Values for the Perfect Home Designs

Most interior designers are faced with the fact that their new customer does not know what he wants and what he likes. But it should definitely turn out beautiful, comfortable and functional. And this is quite normal. Let’s try to figure out how to find your interior style, the atmosphere in which you will live with pleasure.

Watching TV shows, flipping through magazines

A good help in choosing serve TV programs, online or print magazines. They give a visual idea of ​​the interiors; thanks to them you can immediately see examples and mark your favorites.

When viewing the programs you see the interior in volume, which creates the effect of presence. You can feel with your own eyes the height of the ceilings, the jumble of furniture or the illumination of the room. Do not forget to pay attention to the little things, such as freestanding furniture or decor, a specific color or finish. Even one item can set the mood. For the Actual Home designs these are the best options.

Broadcasts and magazines are often updated, talk about fashion trends that will help keep up with the times.

Pick up a variety of furniture, but do argue among themselves neither the decoration nor the style. An exception may be single-handed items, for example, a Chinese vase in the English interior or a crystal chandelier in the brutal loft.

Life, geometry, finishes

Decide on what is needed from the technical equipment. Perhaps you will come to the conclusion that the direction of high-tech – this is what you are striving for: the maximum of intelligent and useful, that is, modern intellectual chips integrated into the interior.

In addition to the necessary things, do not forget that you generally like it. Listen to the call of the forms: straight and sharp lines lead to minimalism, smooth rounding’s to the classics, and streamlined forms translate into futurism.

And to understand what suits you from finishing materials, call for help all your five senses. Inhale the smell of wood – use parquet and eco-finishing. Feel the breeze of the sea and the rays of the sun – paint the walls in the colors of warm cheerful colors. Feel the power of the metal and look through the transparency of the glass – plunge into the world of the industrial loft. Touch the cracks of ancient products – as if from a chest with shabby leather got hints of provenance and retro. Close your eyes, imagine, and remember your favorite.

Solid round surfaces can also be hit hard (there are also many ways to minimize such risks). And it is impossible to avoid damage to the finish from time to time, unscrupulous neighbors above or cracks during shrinkage of the house.

Weather outside, colors inside

Remember the Scandinavian interiors. In Scandinavia, most of the time is cool, damp, overcast. Weather echoes and interiors – light or dark, but inconspicuous, with cool shades of white, gray, blue. Monotony is diluted with accents.

Spain, Mexico is famous for their explosive temperament, motley colors woven into their lives from ancient times. Their traditional interiors also look the same. Residents of these countries do not get tired of bright fabrics, furniture and decor.

In the Mediterranean, it would seem, so much sun that we want to go into the cool shadow of the home. But no, its residents and into the house launch a lot of light and cheerful paints – yellow, terracotta. If the walls look like background, white, then the traditional attachment to one or another color, for example, Greek blue, will definitely pop up.

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